Friday, 15 July 2016

Review | Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Sticks

The way in which I acquired these beauties happened like most purchases with me... I went into my local KIKO store to see if they had any of the Radiance Face Powders reduced to £3.90 (bargain!) so that I didn't have to make a £25 minimum spend online, but in the end went in, couldn't find the face powder and spent £30! 
My one bugbear with KIKO is that you have to make a minimum spend of £25 online. Whilst I don't usually struggle to make this, it is frustrating when I just want to re-purchase an essential. Luckily though I now live near two KIKO stores which makes them easily accessible.

These Long Lasting Stick Eye shadows retail for £6.90 and can be purchased in store, or online here.

I love cream eye shadow sticks for days when I am feeling lazy and want a quick one colour makeup look, or to use as an eye base to make similar shadows pop. I decided to pick these up in 3 neutral colours that I knew I would wear, so I went for 05 Rosy Brown, 06 Golden Brown and 25 Light Taupe (pictured  below).

from left to right: 06, 05, 25

On KIKO's website these are described as:

'Stick eyeshadow - extreme hold for a blendable intense colour. The creamy formula ensures extreme blendability of the line immediately after application. Once set, the colour remains uniform and radiant for up to 8 hours, without streaking or smudging. Water resistant, Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow gives splendid, pure and vibrant colour tones. Application is simple and comfortable, thanks to the special rounded stick and its ultra-smooth and light texture'.

Whilst these are big claims, I have to say, I agree with all of them! These have an extremely creamy, almost mousse-like texture, which in the past I have found to be negative as it usually means they end up half way down your face or creasing. However, these are only creamy when you apply them and then they set down to an intense pop of colour that is not going anywhere! I have very oily eyelids, and I struggle with cream products, however these did not budge, crease or fade. At the end of the day, my eyes were still looking just as I had done them in the morning. In addition, these were not sticky which is great - I used to love the No7 eye shadow sticks, however they were extremely sticky and you could definitely tell you were wearing something on your eyes... less than ideal!

In addition, these are definitely water resistant. One a particularly rainy day (no surprise for England), my mascara and eyeliner ended up running all down my face, but these surprisingly stayed on which for me spoke millions for this product.

I would definitely recommend these, they come in a wide range of colours, are often on sale and are truly fantastic!

Thanks for reading!

What are your product recommendations from KIKO?

Liv x 


  1. I love Kiko, especially for their eyeshadows (SO pigmented)! I don't think I've ever used eye shadow sticks, but these look and sound amazing, particularly Rosy Brown <3

    1. They're brilliant aren't they? I have 8 of the CLICS system eyeshadows and love them too :) these are fantastic - definitely recommend! x

  2. I love all three colors you have here! Now I feel like I need these! I'm such a fan of any makeup in stick form. It's fun to apply and it's convenient to travel with :-)


    1. You definitely need these! They really are just so easy and give a great look on the eyes :) Thanks for reading! x

  3. So glad you did a review on these as I really love them, even though I only swatched them in store, but it's made me want to definitely make sure I pick them up next time! The colours you've gone for are lovely and must be so easy to wear xx

    Lauren |

    1. They're fantastic! If you pick them up I'd love to know what you think of them :) x